Setting programs

Programs allow you to create and schedule Rest programs to match your family’s sleep routines. Rest and Rest+ come with popular programs pre-loaded, such as a green “Time-to-Rise” and a dim orange “Bed Time” program. Use the toggle switch to enable these options or customize and create your own.


  • To alter an existing program, tap on the program and set the color, sound, volume, brightness, time on/off and what days you want the program to repeat. Tap save to store your program.
  • To create a new program, tap the “+” button in the upper right corner of the programs listing and make your selections. Tap save to store your program. 
  • To capture the current settings on the lamp, tap on the star icon on the main remote page to save the current sound and light configuration as a new program.
  • When the toggle is blue, the program is enabled and will run at the scheduled time.
  • Rest and Rest+ can have up to 10 unique programs. 


**Please be aware, programs start and don't look back so changes made during a program will take effect the NEXT time that program runs (the current run won't reflect those changes). This includes programs created after their start time, which will kick off the next time the start time rolls around. 


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