Logging Sleep

In order for your sleep expert to understand your baby's sleep patterns and development, it's important to log your baby's sleep. Fortunately, we have an app that makes it very easy to track this! Just download the free Hatch Baby app in the App Store or Google Play store, and log in using the same email and password you used to create your sleep program account. 


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Your sleep expert will not only analyze the amount of time your baby sleeps but also how long it takes your baby to settle. As such, you'll need to create two records every time your baby sleeps:

1. Create a note when you put your baby down in the crib. 



2. Create a sleep record to capture how long your baby slept. You can do this manually or by using the timer.

Manual Sleep Record



Timed Sleep Record



For example, you may put your baby in the crib at 7:30pm but your baby may not fall asleep until 7:55pm, and then sleep until 10:30pm. In this example, you would create a "note" at 7:30 (baby in crib) and a sleep record for 7:55pm-10:30pm. With this information, your sleep expert can observe that it took your baby 25 minutes to settle before falling asleep. 

It's okay if your times are approximate. We know it's not always realistic to hover over the monitor until you see your baby drift into la la land. 


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