How do I set up Grow?

Grow is a super-precise, finely engineered instrument of baby-weighing magic. In order for it to do its thing, it’s gotta be set up right:

1. Set it up on a FLAT and LEVEL surface. It’s a scale, after all!
2. Be sure NOTHING is touching it. No walls, no lamp cords, no diapers, no cute onesies -- zip, zilch, nada! (Seriously though, nothing should touch it).
3. Click the safety belt into place. #babiesarewiggly #safetyfirst
4. Download the Hatch Baby app in the App Store to take your first weight.
5. Want to try out your Grow’s amazing weighing capabilities? Test it 

P.S. A flat changing pad cover is ok to keep on Grow, but it should stay on the pad when you weigh your baby. If you remove it, your readings will be off (a.k.a Grow won’t work right!)

Having trouble? Need help? Want to be sure you’re set up right? No problem! Email us at and a real, live person on our team can help.

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