"Feeding Duration is Over 90 Minutes" Error: Troubleshooting Tips

In order for the Smart Changing Pad to give you the most precise measurement of how much your baby ate, it’s best to weigh your baby as soon as you can. The ideal time to take your baby’s ending weight is as soon as you finish a feeding — before changing a diaper, adding a swaddle, or settling in for a catnap. Keep in mind that changing a diaper, an outfit, or adding a blanket can also impact your baby’s weight after a feeding.

When your baby smiles, coos or even better, sleeps, she burns calories, and quickly (breastmilk can be fully digested in 90 minutes!). That calorie burn over time will have an impact on your baby’s weight, giving you an inaccurate measurement of how much she ate. The Smart Changing Pad will alert you when 90 minutes have passed from the start of your baby’s feeding when you return to re-weigh.

Our advice? Feed, re-weigh, then hit the couch for some serious cuddle time.  

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