Troubleshooting Smart Changing Pad connection issues

Here are the networking requirements for the Smart Changing Pad and some troubleshooting steps if you’re having problems connecting. If you’re still having problems, please feel to reach out to us at We’re here to help!

Home network requirements:

  • - Use 802.11 b/g/n products. The Smart Changing Pad is not compatible with 802.11 ac networks.
  • - We recommend that you use WPA2 encryption on your home network. Our products do not support WEP as it is not secure.
  • - Your home router must be broadcasting on 2.4GHz (this will likely be the case unless you made changes to your settings and are only running a 5GHz network).
  • - You must be broadcasting your SSID during the initial connection process (it cannot be hidden).
  • - Make sure that MAC address filtering is turned off.

Check the documentation for your router if you’re unsure about your configuration.


Please follow the instructions in the manual and on the Hatch Baby app in order to connect your Smart Changing Pad. If you get to the end of the setup and the Smart Changing Pad fails to connect to your home network, please try the following steps:

If you cannot see your home network in the list of networks presented in the Hatch Baby app:

  • - Verify that your home WiFi is active and that you can connect to it with a phone or computer.
  • - Disconnect any network extenders that you have at home to simplify the setup.
  • - Make sure that your Smart Changing Pad is close to your home router so it can see your router’s WiFi signal
  • - Verify that your SSID is not hidden and that you can see your network name being broadcast
  • - Verify that you are running a 2.4GHz network. The Smart Changing Pad will not connect to a 5GHz network.
  • - Reboot your home router.

If you can see your home network in the app and enter your password, but the Smart Changing Pad still won’t connect:

  • - Make sure that your home network meets all of the requirements listed above
  • - Verify that you have the correct password for your home network. Either disconnect or forget your home network on your smartphone or computer. Then try reconnecting using your phone or computer to verify that you have the correct password.
  • - Reboot your router. This solves several known problems.
  • - If you’re using a network extender, turn it off for the initial connection and connect directly to your home router.
  • - Check your network security settings. We recommend that you use WPA2 encryption on your home network. Our products do not support WEP as it is not secure.
  • - Verify that MAC address filtering is turned off. See your router documentation for instructions.
  • - Try connecting the Smart Changing pad to a different WiFi network. This will both help isolate the problem and allow the Smart Changing Pad to download the latest firmware (which may help solve the connection problem). You can try connecting the Smart Changing Pad at a neighbor or friend’s house. If you have two smartphones, you can use one of them as a personal hotspot and use the other phone to the connect the Changing Pad to that hotspot.
  • - Verify that DHCP is turned on and that you’re not using static IP addresses to connect to your router. It is very uncommon to turn off DHCP. Please check your router’s documentation for further instructions.
  • - If you have been using your Smart Changing Pad for a while and just started having connection problems, please replace the batteries and try again.

Reach out to us at We’re here to help!

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