Why do you ask for information about my child(ren)?

While using the Rest app, we ask for certain information including your child’s name, birthday, and gender. Please be assured that you and your child's privacy is our utmost concern. We will never sell, loan or distribute your personal information (learn more). 

Our mission is to use the information about your child to help personalize your experience with the app. Many customers use both of our apps (for Rest & Grow) with the same email address and the Grow app requires that info to accurately map a baby's percentile on the growth curves used in the app. 

We also use the email information is also used to run diagnostic reports and in assisting you with any support issues. 

We are parents too and totally understand if you have any additional concerns or questions. We encourage you to reach out support@hatchbaby.com if you'd like more information. 

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