Using the audio monitor on Rest+

Rest+ comes with a built-in two-way audio monitor, so you can hear into your child’s room without needing any more unnecessary gadgets.


To stream from the audio monitor on Rest+ you will need to maintain an active connection to your lamp via the app. (You can do other things on your phone and have the Rest app in the background and still be able to hear your little one - similar to having music playing from an app while you're doing other things on your phone.) You will also need to make sure your phone and your Rest+ are connected to the same WiFi network.


  • To listen using the audio monitor, connect to your Rest+ via the app and go to the "Monitor" tab found in the lower left-hand corner of the main remote screen and tap "Listen". Feel free to background your app while listening - the audio will continue to play through your phone.



  • To talk using the audio monitor on your Rest+ first you will need to enable microphone access from the Rest app, you will then need to hold down on the "Hold to Talk" button and keep your finger on the button until you're done talking. 




**Keep in mind, you control who has access to the audio monitor within your home. Only those on your private WiFi network who have been granted access to your Rest+ can listen and/or talk. 

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