Audio monitor won't work

In order to use the audio monitor on Rest+, you will need to maintain an active connection to your lamp via the app. Make sure: 

  1. Your phone's Wi-Fi is enabled. Go to your phone's settings to enable it. 
  2. Your phone is on the same Wi-Fi network as your Rest+. Many homes have multiple Wi-Fi networks, especially if you use a mesh network system like Eero, Luma Whole Home, Linksys, etc. 
  3. The volume on your phone is turned up. 

If you still aren't able to use the audio monitor:

  • It may be due to your router's settings. When using your audio monitor, your phone talks securely with your Rest+ on your home Wi-Fi network. This is similar to the way your computer talks directly to your printer - without going over the Internet.
  • Double check your router settings to make sure that there is not any custom configuration or firewalls within your home that would prevent your phone from talking directly to your Rest+. If you aren't sure, feel free to reach out to and our engineering team can help you troubleshoot. 

If your audio monitor stopped working unexpectedly:

  • It may be because your Rest+ or phone temporarily lost Wi-Fi connection. Double check that your phone is on the same Wi-Fi network as your Rest+ and try again. 
  • Your Rest+ may have gone offline. You can trying inserting a paperclip into the tiny hole labeled "R" next to the power port. 

If you're having trouble "talking" using the audio monitor:

  • Double check that the volume on your Rest+ isn't turned off.


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