Improving your WiFi connection on your Rest+

Understanding WiFi for Rest+

There are a number of factors that can cause your Rest+ WiFi signal strength to be weak: 

  1. Obstacles that are in the way of the WiFi signal: large metal objects, thick walls, fridges/microwaves, and other devices 
  2. The position of your wireless router in relation to your Rest+
  3. Interference from neighboring networks which is called ‘channel interference’.  

There are ways to resolve these issues in a simple way (without any technical knowledge required!).  

Here is an easy step you can take to improve your signal:

Re-position your router

  • If your wireless router is on the floor or behind a TV (which is very common!), the first thing to do is to get the wireless router up off the ground and away from the big metal TV which is blocking some of the WiFi signals to and from your router. 

We recommend that you position your wireless router about 3 feet off of the floor and away from any big metal objects, or other wireless devices, such as baby monitors or video extenders.

  • If your wireless router is at the opposite side of the house from where your Rest+ is, you can try and move your wireless router closer to your lamp
  • Moving your router (or your Rest+) even a few feet closer can have an impact, especially if there are other objects in the way.
  • If you have big metal or structural objects like boilers or water tanks between your router and your Rest+, you can try and move your router so that the object is no longer in direct line of sight of the Rest+ device. 

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