Enabling Toddler Lock

Toddler Lock disables the Touch Ring and base buttons to prevent tiny little hands from disabling a running program.                      

  • To enable Toddler Lock, create a new program or tap into an existing one. At the bottom of the program page, simply toggle the Toddler Lock button to the right. The Touch Ring and base buttons will be disabled during the entire duration of the program. This means even parents can't turn off a program using the Touch Ring or buttons!
  • If you want to cancel a program that is already running with Toddler Lock enabled, open the app and turn off the Toddler Lock for that program.

Note: Toddler Lock is only available on Rests with firmware version 0.10.445 or higher using app version 1.0.11 (iOS) or 1.2.0 (Android) or higher.

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