Rest+ battery information

Curious about the back-up battery on Rest+? We’d love to let you know a little more about Rest+ and its battery. 

While designed to be portable (because naps happen!), Rest+ works best when it’s plugged in. Even when the light and sounds are off, Rest+ is busy running the clock and preparing to start upcoming programs, which uses a good deal of energy.

As such, we recommend using your Rest+ for short durations when it is unplugged (it’s great for sleeps around the house and will operate as a back-up battery if your power goes out!). It will run for several hours unplugged (at full charge) this depends on brightness and volume settings and whether or not you're using the monitor.

  • If your Rest+ is unplugged, you can check the battery level on your Rest+ on your main “Available Rest” screen where you’ll see a battery indicator. 


  • You can also check the battery level by tapping the gear icon, selecting your Rest+ from your device list then scroll to the battery level section. Keep in mind, this will show you the last reported battery level information. (If your Rest+ has disconnected from your WiFi, this might not be the current battery level).


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